Click-API – Overview


This document describes the procedure of interaction between the billing system of the suppliers of goods and services (including online stores) and CLICK system through the interaction interface of «CLICK-API» (hereinafter API) to carry out online sales of their goods and services through the web-site, E-mail / SMS or other tools available to the Supplier.


CLICK system – a system that allows to make payments via mobile phone (via USSD \ SMS-portal) or the Internet (via WEB \ mobile WEB) for the services of cellular service roviders, Internet service providers; transfer cash assets to other individuals, trade and service companies; perform online shopping in online stores, etc. from the accounts opened in the bank.

Supplier – a legal person which sells goods or services to customers.

User – an individual connected to CLICK system.

Services of the supplier – subjects which are sold by the supplier. Goods and services can be Services.

Supplier’s Billing System – he system of the supplier to account for the users of the goods or service of the provider. The hardware and software that allows to conduct ccounting and payment transactions electronically between the supplier and the customer while preserving the history of operations, as well as providing the API-interface for communication ith external payment systems.

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