Click-API – Testing

Testing and debugging API-interface.

For testing and debugging API-interface during development it is necessary to use this software (PO), which emulates the actions in the CLICK system. Supplier configures the
software and tests by pre given scenarios step by step.

Description of fields for filling

# Parameter name Data type Description
1 Prepare URL varchar Link to API-interface handler for Prepare request
2 Complete URL varchar Link to API-interface handler for Complete request
3 service_id int The service ID obtained during the registration in CLICK system
4 merchant_user_id int The service ID obtained during the registration in CLICK system
5 secret_key varchar The private key for participating in the formation of the signature obtained during the registration CLICK system
6 merchant_trans_id varchar Payment ID of Online Store systems
7 prepare/confirm_id read only To be filled in automatically when running the script


After filling the data, you must select the script from the drop-down menu and click “Start Test”. Description of each scenario can be seen in the table “Scripts description”. Certain scenarios may
move to the next scenario automatically after the successful completion. The scripts which have an automatic transition can also be seen in the “Scripts description” table, in “Go to the script”
the column. The selected script from the drop-down list will form the parameters corresponding to the parameters of the “Scripts description” the table. Each test runs with a detailed description
of the passed parameters and to receive an answer in the “Test Log” window. In this window you can see the request / response and analyze the identified errors. If successful, the script in “Test
Log” window will be written that the script is passed, as well as in the table “Scripts description” the script will be marked “Done” in the “Test Status”.

All scripts must be successfully passed. After passing all the tests you will need to click “Generate Report”.

Note: The URL specified in the program must be available to testing software (can be in local computer).

This will start the reconciliation procedure, then it sends all the necessary settings to the CLICK registration server. In the “Log test” you can see the status of implementation of this procedure.
This procedure requires access to the Internet. The message “Registration Status report: Registration completed successfully!” Will mean that data was successful added to CLICK.

The successful addition of data can be checked through

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